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supervillan skeleton




supervillan skeleton


Professor cancelled class, but still posted a quiz. I never check my online stuff so I didn’t do it. She made it due at midnight. It’s now 1am. I am literal garbage.

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don’t listen. it’s exactly what it says it is.

You are treading on some mighty thin ice puttin that gif here son.

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When relatives/random people im forced to engage with start talking about “”gay people”” like some mysterious unknowable entity


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dumb smiles after they kissed (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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so i go into the #jeff davis is not a gift tag, and i have to read this bullshit, and then this other bullshit as an answer to the first bullshit. and dude, derek wasn’t “mischaracterized"or "wrongfully vilified”. say it with me now: 

  • derek was a bad guy
  • derek was a bad guy

derek grew up! actually (as i’ve said before), derek’s character growth was one of the most realistic redemption arcs i’ve seen in teenage-oriented fiction. he was seen as growly, brooding and violent because he wasbrooding, violent and growly. and the problem isn’t in fandom characterizing him as a douchebag, because he was a complete douchebag.

the problems are:

  • fandom characterizing his s1/s2 behaviour/personality as healthy or positive (or romantic! ew! violent and abusive behaviour is not romantic! stop!)
  • fandom erasing his growth and insisting on his s3/s4 behaviour/personality being the same (violent, secluded, abusive behaviour) as it was in the beginning
  • fandom erasing the way he grew into the person he’s shown to be in s3/s4, and replacing that growth for a romantic storyline, simplifying and mocking the reality of trauma and recovery
  • fandom acting as if this growth of character and change of heart magically expiated all of his faults
  • fandom erasing his s1/s2 behaviour/personality and acting as if he’d always been this more mature, healthier and better version of himself

even if you don’t like him based on the very valid fact that he’s yet another white dude with a tragic past that relies in violence, abuse and manipulation to get his revenge ignoring his growth is a really shitty thing to do. (also, vaguely related: s1 derek falls easily in the anti-villain trope, s2 derek might be more of an anti-hero, and only during s3 he could be placed as a loyal ally or maybe even a hero, if you squint hard enough

ignoring that derek was manipulated, emotionally and physically abused, and suffered a great deal of trauma is shit. ignoring that derek was manipulative, emotionally and physically abusive, and caused a great deal of trauma on others is also shit.please stop.


the complete opposite is true

This is a good example to take the time to explain about narrative bias here

SCOTT is the narrative focus, we see the world through his lens with his biases and mistakes being presented to us as truth. Now remember truth is not the same as fact.

When Scott first meets Derek he thinks he is the wolf who bit him so he sees Derek as the villain and it takes until Derek loses his wolf powers to see him as anything else

however if you watch season 1 and 2 again knowing that the show is focussed through Scott’s lens we see Derek as a victim all along, lashing out angrily because he’s in a terrible place but one who still tries to step up and do the right thing

he tries to teach scott although he admits he has no idea what he’s doing (the car park scene) he repeatedly tells him to break up with allison because at first she’s human and he’s scared scott will hurt her (remember he drives her home from the first full moon party- so villainous)  

scott decides derek is the villain and he never changes his opinion but if we look at what we’re shown of derek, not told through scott’s lens, he was always the victim, he was shown to be a villain. The same is true of other characters who are often shown in reverse of this trope. Chris Argent is a anti-werewolf fanatic who would kill Scott in a heartbeat if he felt he fit the conditions (Victoria tried afterall when he crossed her) but he is shown positively. Agent McCall has not done anything in canon to earn the scorn that Scott shows him (remember Scott didn’t remember falling down the stairs) but we are told to see him as a villain rather than an absentee dad trying to make amends.

Over and over the characters we are shown to be allies or villains are shown to be other because SCOTT was wrong

and Derek is just the biggest example of this. The fact that we see him now as a broken person slowly getting more powerless and therefore more worthy of pity is because that’s how Scott sees him.

This doesn’t mean Scott is necessarily evil in his bias, it just means he is biased and because he’s biased we’re shown a skewed viewpoint.

Perfectly stated. TLDR; Derek has NEVER been the bad guy.

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I can’t even right now

shut up, teenwolf, you be writing cheques you never will cash 

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Zayn in One Direction: The Official Annual 2015


Zayn in One Direction: The Official Annual 2015

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Dominic Mitchell [x] confirming that this was, in fact, Kieren’s first kiss:

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It’s night time somewhere


It’s night time somewhere

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This weekend I’ll sculpt my jaw maybe and see if I can get my studio okay. Or you know, not.

I finished my paper and took a shower and did my outline and all I gotta do is read the hobbit and like is this what it feels like when you don´t procrastinate?

i bring you chris and sebastian thinking about pussy

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